Being an oilfield mom is the same thing as being a single mom

I have seen a lot of people debate what the difference is between a single mom and an oilfield mom. To be honest there probably are lots of differences, but in my opinion when your hubby/baby daddy is only around less than 15 percent of the time, then I don’t see a difference.

Oilfield moms have to be both a mommy and a daddy, because I have a son, I have to teach him to play cars and trucks and all that. Good thing I was never good at being a girl in the first place, I have to get dirty and actually do the things a dad would do [even though I’m just a stand in until he gets home] but I also have to do the things a mommy would do, clean up, diaper changes, making bottles hug and cuddles when he falls down, and teaching him the fundamentals in life, also there’s a little thing called discipline. Daddies aren’t to good at that. Mommy needs to make the meals and do the dishes, and give bath time, wake up with them at 3 in the morning when they’re screaming because they had a nightmare. All to be up 3 or 4 hours later exhausted, and the coffee doesn’t even begin to cut it, I know my hubby works really hard at his job, sometimes in my house it is debatable whether I do anything at all.

Maybe that’s a whole point to a blog is to prove that I do work as hard if not more then he does, maybe its just to connect with the other mommies out there. I really have no idea, anyways, the only plain difference I notice between a single mom and an oilfield mom is that our hubby’s take “extended vacations” so that we can stay at home and play “house”. Where as single moms would have to pay for day care and go to work. Don’t get me wrong I work I just have the luxury of doing it from my own home. For us really it wouldn’t make sense to put R into daycare it costs money, when I can do a better job (I hope) at home.

So really the only difference that I do see is that as an oilfield mom we have a little more stability because hubby does make money.


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