The Potty Training Nightmare

We have been going through the stages of potty training since R was about ten months, we started with the pre potty training, for those not familiar this is where you try to get your ten month old to sit there, and if he actually went then that was just a bonus. Well it was smooth going for about the first month, until hubby came home of course, well we were getting ruby to sit there before bath time, and hubby of course always forgot or just didn’t want to, so for the last 8 months the pre potty training has been a battle with him only sitting on it 50 percent of the time.

How the hell are you supposed to start active potty training when only one of you is on board? That’s a good freaking question.

So here we are at 18 months taking the next step, and I think we are starting to finally figure this out, we tried to get hubby involved before he left, we were doing so good, R was telling us he needed to go and what not, then we have our days where we are in the bathroom and I’m just about to take his diaper off and he decides he is just going to poop there instead, this is my nightmare the last few days, every time he tells me he needs to go, we get to the bathroom, I try take his diaper off and he changes his mind and does the business in the diaper. As if to say look mom I know what to do but I don’t need to, I feel like he taunting me and trying to make my life a living nightmare.

Then it gets me thinking maybe I am just not cut out to do this parenting thing, my whole life revolves around the criticism of a one and a half year old.

He has told me numerous times he needed to go today and then went in his diaper instead, I know hes not dumb, it is extremely frustrating, same thing happened at bath time he sat there for 5 minutes the minute he was in the bath, he had to go. So I had to empty all the water and run him a new bath, he wasn’t very happy about this.


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