The Invader Is Landing

So hubby let me know he is on his way home today.

YAY! So now that means it is time to get down to the grind, before the invader lands in my home.

This means I have dishes to be done, laundry to be thrown in the wash to make it look like I actually did something, and the rest of the general house chores I neglect while he is gone.

Why does he have to come home today, why can’t I have at least another day, he’s only been gone a week. Now don’t get me wrong I love my hubby very much, but when he comes home, I need to have the house in perfect order and pretend it was that way all along, sometimes I just dread the homecoming, I feel like he is taking over my space. You see when he’s gone I am solely responsible for everything, and I don’t need to share my bed or not watch TV in the evening in the fear of waking him up, and I can sleep in the middle of the bed. He comes home and I’m forced into the corner because he takes over, hence why I call him the invader.

Here is usually how the homecoming goes, he blows in at 9 at night and he drops all his dirty clothes in the entry way along with a rig bag and some really dirty boots, he usually reeks like expired gas (if only there was such thing). He usually never has the decency to shower before he heads home from work. Then he usually says hello to me sheds the rest of his clothes and goes to bed and that is that.

So is it so wrong for me to want him to stay at work just a little longer?


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