Broken Promises

I know that I never talked about my new years resolutions. This is what I promised my self I would do this year.

1.Get in shape

2. Keep my house cleaner

3. Be better at this stay at home mom thing

4. Start my ideas for my book

5.Spend more time playing with my son

These were my five promises, that i have already broken. Im not getting into shape, even though I said I would. I got a kinnect for my Xbox and then went out and got fitness evolved 2012, it basically turns my living room into a home gym. I was doing great the first week, I was following the program, I ended up loosing seven pounds. then the last 2 weeks nothing, I havent been finding time to even turn it on to try. I ended up gaining ten pounds, so now I weigh more than when I started. Really need to try to get back to that one.

I wanted to become the perfect stay at home mom, which also means keeping my house super clean all the time, which means dishes are done, laundry is done, and everything else is spotless. Instead its more like the same as it was before, dishes at least made it to the sink. pile of clean laundry that has yet to be folded in two weeks. I have a pile of laundry that still needs to be done. So much for that one.

I also wanted to get started on ideas for the book I want to write. I always knew I was going to write one. Instead I started a blog, that has seven posts I wont even read over cause Im sure I wont like them. I went out and got a book on how to get ideas for writing a book. ironic isn’t it? I havent had one good idea that could turn into a novel. Maybe this one will come to me later.

Lastly, I wanted to spend more time playing with my son, but instead its more like I try to play with him, he gets frustrated and throws a tantrum because he wants to do it himself. I just leave him to his own devices now, until he decides he can play nicely. He did however say a word, it was “duck”. Now when i ask him what he wants, he says duck for everything. At least its a step in the right direction.

There are my resolutions, and I barely even tried to fill them. Their just broken promises now. Oh well better luck next year.


One response to “Broken Promises

  • EducateWithToys

    I’m sure many people can relate to you but we must realize that all too often, we fail to think we can change, because we do not believe that change is within reach. However, we must know that not only is change a possibility, but it is a reality.
    Additionally, when we work on our own growth, we teach our children to become “growing people,” too. This is a wonderful lesson to impart to our children. As adults, change is challenging, and often painful, because we have already become entrenched in our negative habits. However, children are more pliable. They have less to undo, and even that which they must uproot is not firmly ingrained.

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