Ok So I’m Ashley, and I am Currently living in Alberta. I just love being a fulltime stay at home mom and if it wasn’t for the jobs and they way that things work I probably wouldn’t be able to. What does it exactly mean to be an oilfield mommy? Well it means that you look after everything, the house, the laundry, The Diapers, The teaching, the driving, the dishes, paying the bills and everything in between. It means More often then not, that you might not get out of your pajamas, getting up early and getting breakfast ready just so it can be dumped on the floor and taking care of all tantrums and listening to your baby cry, it means getting up just to find the sink full of dishes, it means that you get to be both the mommy and the daddy; Its being frustrated for sometimes not being able to sleep in when he finally comes home, and almost pulling your hair out wondering why you even put up with it in the first place.  It also means being there for everything, that first smile, first steps first words and teaching them everything along the way.


A few things about myself:

1. I usually don’t get out of my pj’s on any given day unless I have something important to do

2. I’m only 21

3. I love my family

4. I will tell it like I see it,

5. I think i am a good writer

6. I like my tv a little to much

7. I love to read

I have an 18 month old little boy named Rueben [R] that I have had the pleasure of being with every step of the way, he is quite a little booger, he likes helping with the chores, and playing with cars, and having teddy bear tea parties, and he also enjoys climbing and eating everything in sight, but you will get to know him better over time


My hubby is a gas well tester so he is never here; when he is he likes to indulge in call of duty and the occasional forced bath time for Rueben, and also likes to play cars as much as Rueben does. He can also be sweet sometimes. He is also really funny.





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