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Check The Toy Box?

This morning I was going through my sons toy box, trying to find some missing toys. Well I never did find the missing toys I did find a few other things.

I found my laptop mouse, three old cell phones, my missing cord for my Kobo, three forks (no wonder I had none). Twelve missing soothers ( kept buying more cause they kept disappearing). Three books, two cups, four spoons, and a box of Cheerios that went missing.

Your probably thinking how can you not notice those things missing. I knew they were missing but Rueben is a master of hiding places, he also has enough toys to fill three toy boxes so he put them in there and covered them with toys, and when I put the rest of the toys away I didn’t notice. Until he started unloading his toy box and I decided to help find some missing toys. Well looks like he’s going to need to find a new hiding place cause I’m on to him.

Also need to watch his toy box more carefully.