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Check The Toy Box?

This morning I was going through my sons toy box, trying to find some missing toys. Well I never did find the missing toys I did find a few other things.

I found my laptop mouse, three old cell phones, my missing cord for my Kobo, three forks (no wonder I had none). Twelve missing soothers ( kept buying more cause they kept disappearing). Three books, two cups, four spoons, and a box of Cheerios that went missing.

Your probably thinking how can you not notice those things missing. I knew they were missing but Rueben is a master of hiding places, he also has enough toys to fill three toy boxes so he put them in there and covered them with toys, and when I put the rest of the toys away I didn’t notice. Until he started unloading his toy box and I decided to help find some missing toys. Well looks like he’s going to need to find a new hiding place cause I’m on to him.

Also need to watch his toy box more carefully.


Overrun By Toys

There are all kinds of toys everywhere, just not any kind of toys either. They have lights, they sing, they make animal noises, they move by themselves and they making annoying sounds. Their every where on my stairs, counter tops, in corners, all over the living room floor, in the cupboards, behind the TV, on the kitchen table and even in the bath tub. You need to remove the toys just to have a shower.

These toys are like little bombs, you accidentally bump one and they all start going off, then your slammed by the sounds of ABC’s, 123’s, the meowing, barking, mooing, and the vroom vroom of a car all at once, talk about sensory overload. Why do these little people need so many toys? All the toys that you can buy make noise, there is no such thing as a quiet toy, and they are also known as developmental.

It’s not just the toys that have taken over my house, it is also blocks, mega blocks, Lego blocks, you name it. These are the real nuisances as they fit easily into corners, and in your shoes. They have sharp edges when you step on them, or when you’re trying to get to bed silently and u accidentally kick one of these blocks into the noisy toys then your just begging for baby to wake up crying.

Lately I haven’t bothered to pick up these toys, when I pick them up and put them away they end up right back where they were in the middle of the floor, and so this is day in day out. My life has been over run by these annoying little toys.

There’s nothing like climbing into bed to find your sons books artfully placed under the pillows or his hot wheels placed at the foot of your bed.

I suppose this is the life of a stay at home mom, your house gets over run, I’m just waiting for the day when the toys come alive to get their revenge.